Sweet As…

The first act of our epic travelling adventure, that began two months ago, started in the unofficial seventh state of Australia, New Zealand. The land of the long white cloud lived up to it’s Lonely Planet top ten destinations of the world hype by supplying a never ending sequence of vistas that no amount of embellishment would do it justice. Perhaps the highlight, other than my Aunt Bernie’s lemon pickle, was the ‘twin coasts tour’ of the north island. Often underrated compared to the magnificent south island, Peter Jackson’s impression of Tolkien’s middle earth, the north is still quite dramatic.

Being so far along in our travels, the New Zealand  part of the trip seems a distant memory. In fact, at this time I had my thoughts squarely on South America, an entire continent steeped in so many stereotypes, e.g.  from my brief encounters with Brazilian students in Perth and from watching Alessandra Ambrosio on Victoria Secret. None the less, the kiwi stop-over  turned out to be an excellent decision as it gave me a chance to recover from the two week whirl-wind of being at home trying to organize everything in my life before on another ‘tour of duty’.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the New Zealand leg.


Yes I am an appalling travel writer. It’s been three weeks and I’ve managed only an introductory post, “Hello world, I’d love to write, but I’m having such a great time travelling I really can’t be arsed…”. No seriously, a lot has happened and I think it’s time we filled you in on what we’ve done and seen so far.

The first few days upon arriving in a foreign city where a most folks don’t speak a word of the Queens English is always…challenging. Even more  so if you’re doing it off the back of an eleven hour flight over the Pacific and the international date line. In fact, I was close to a stunned mullet for most of the first few days, as a gringo could get.

Our first meal was a shocker, as we ate at a fine establishment at the upmarket part of Recoleta called Al Pachino’s. Riaz guessed it is owned by the Russian mafia used to launder money, given the fact that waiter, Vladimir, was an Argentinian of Russian descent -there are apparently a few thousand of them in Argentina – and a few pale skinned, blonde haired, Ultimate Fighter misfits stepped out of a couple of inconspicuous black Mercedes limos. I had my doubts, but after ordering a steak burger and receiving a Spam sandwich those doubts went out the door as we soon did. Vamos!

But as my uncle Marsh would say, “for every Yin there is a Yang”, and as we walked around the city in the following days our Argentine experience got better. Mucho mejor.

Argentina’s capital  is one for the senses, not in the way Calcutta is an assault on the senses. It’s strangely familiar, somewhere in between Barcelona and Paris, in fact I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself that I’m in Latin America. The folks out here are mix of Spanish, Italian and German (there are about two hundred thousand German’s in the country). This mix explains the the richness of the cultural traditions that is at the heart BsAs. Who would’nt be seduced by a city offering the finest steak, beer/ wine and women the in world? ?

Highlights for the BsAs thus far, in no particular order: San Telmo Sunday antiques market, the finest medium-rare $AUD8 steak I’ve ever had, people watching at Puerto Medero and of course la chica’s Portena’s (spanglish).

Don’t take my word for it, check out Riaz’s top pic’s. More from City Porteña in coming weeks. Chau

It’s amazing how fast time flies when doing things you’re passionate about. I can recall quite vividly hesitantly embarking on my last international flight bound for KL, Malaysia. Four months later and with travel stories aplenty, I’m kicking onto my second leg of the year long grand tour of this amazing place.

This part of my journey I’m fortunate to have the sublime photographic talents of Riaz capturing the many vistas the world offers. My hope is that through Riaz’s images and my words we can perhaps share some of our more interesting experiences of our travels through New Zealand and South America.

Enjoy the blog and feel free to add to the information out here by adding your own thoughts and sharing your own travel experiences. Of course we’d love to hear from you!